Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Blue Castle Under Siege

Judge Ivan Levelle has ruled that elections scheduled for April 22 in New Orleans are to proceed. The heads of the 'Racebaiters R Us' wing of the Democratic Party are having conniption fits over the probability that Ray 'Buses, what buses?' Nagin may get the boot he most assuredly deserves in the first step toward replacing the incompetents responsible for the total local and state level inability to follow their own disaster plan.

Without the votes of the Ninth Ward moat inhabitants, there is a very good chance that the lack of decent governance in New Orleans may begin to come to an end. There is certainly reason to doubt that the rent seekers upon whom the Democrats depend for electoral control in New Orleans (and every other Blue Castle) will ever return to the fetid Ninth Ward swamps in which they were allowed to be hunted like wounded wildebeast by the local jackals under the incurious eyes of the most corrupt police force in the United States. They have found that the green checks upon which they depend arrive more regularly in Houston than ever they did in New Orleans - and the weather is better too. Why should they return?

It's going to be an interesting election and a reasonable indication as to whether Blanco's miserable performance will receive its just reward at the ballot box when her turn comes.


cf said...

Rick, your writing is getting richer and richer..I love this one.

I think it's scriptwriting time. Have your girl call mine to set up lunch. LOL

PDS said...

I agree with CF, Rick, although I do think you might want to look into a haircut. Your profile picture looks remarkably like one of the Founding Fathers.

terrye said...

Very good.

I wonder, however, if the folks down there are happy with anyone right now? This election might be a wash.

Anonymous said...

New Orleans and Louisiana could do worse than to follow the example of Governor Esteban Rodriguez Miro who, after the fire of 1788, had all the inhabitants of New Orleans who were left homeless in tents and with food within the first 24 hours. This according to according to John Kukla's masterful history of the Louisiana Purchase "A Wilderness So Immense".

There just may be a chance for a new start.

brylun said...

Rick, I hope you don't mind the picture!

Knucklehead said...


Wasn't that a fun book!

Rick, thanks for bringing up the N'orlins election thing. I heard this on some newscast last night and got a big kick out of it. I like the Blue Castle's schtick. I'm gonna steal it. May I recommend you look into la presse ancienne cache dans les châteaux bleus?

Now all we need is for federal officials to make a sweep of the Wendy's down there to round up some Mexicans and things will be grand! I bet they could get a couple hunnert or more from Wendy's and KFCs.

Anonymous said...

The guys who rounded up the evacuation buses from all over weren't too happy when they saw that photo.

MeaninglessHotAir said...


I dunno, dude, I'm gettin' a little worried about you. I mean, the presse ancienne thing was cute and all that, so we at the VRWC were willing to overlook the French that one time, but now you're startin' to spout Frogspeak all over the place. Definitely a career-limiting move within the organization, dude, know what I'm sayin'?

Rick Ballard said...


Now if you can find Nagin's picture to put next to it - perfect! I never mind improvements.

Knucklehead said...


I've got to get ready to listen to President Kerry's inauguration speech in 2008.

Since I don't see much hope to have all of the 'portant stuff like:

- the Tijuana Death March for illegal Mexicans
- Machinegun Bunkers On the Borders
- Furriner Flogs at the Freight Terminals
- Outlawed Outsourcing
- Mushroom Clouds for the Mullahs
- the Phuneral Phire of Political Pork, and
- 1.1% unemployment

by then, apparently all but four dozen of my fellow 'publicans are staying home or voting for Dems.

Rick Ballard said...

"There just may be a chance for a new start."

Skook, if Nagin's opponent(s) aren't using "A New Start" as their focus statement they really don't deserve to win. There hasn't been an opportunity for a complete restructure of a rotten city for a very long time.


I think I'll work on photoshopping a nice Blue Castle to use with these pieces - I need to find one that's really delapidated. Painting it blue is the easy part.

Knucklehead said...

See what you like dis one, Mr. Ballard (see the daylight view further down the page on the right hand side). A downright lovely place, BTW.

brylun said...

Rick, You beat me to it. Nice job!

Peter UK said...

I think this castle is more appropriate Neuschwanstein

Rick Ballard said...

King Ludwig's house is far too nice. I'm searching for pictures of a couple of the Malpensa's delapidated dumps but I haven't found the right ones yet.

I've been through Neuschwanstein. It's a pity that it wasn't completed and furnished as he had envisioned.

Peter UK said...

How about this

Peter UK said...

This has all the attributes

Rick Ballard said...

Thanks, Peter, the last one has definite possibilities. I'll work it over a bit in photoshop and see what I can come up with.