Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Hitchens to Hewitt: just chance?

CH: I'll just tell you something a very senior person at a well-known network. I know this sounds a bit odd, but I just can't tell you who he is or which network. I don't have the right to do it. But you'll have to believe me, okay?

HH: Okay.

CH: He called me the other day. This is not a guy who's in any way a conservative, and said you know, we've known each other for a bit. He said you know, I'm beginning to think you must be right, because it really worries me what we're doing, when we are giving the other side the impression that all they need to do is hang on until the end of this administration. Do people know what they're doing when they're doing this? One doesn't have to make any allegation of disloyalty, but just...if it worries him, as it really does, I think it should worry other people, too, and it certainly worries me.


David Thomson said...

This part of the interview also needs to be highlighted:

"HH: And is that so pervasive as to be irreversible, as we've got about 45 seconds left, in the Democratic Party?

CH: Yes, I believe so. I don't need 45 seconds to say that."

Christopher Hitchens now agrees with what I've been saying since late 2004. The Democratic Party is beyond saving. Radical leftists now dominate the process of picking its presidential nominee. The Republicans are essentially the only game in town in this regard. One can sensibly entertain the notion of voting for a Democrat only in local and statewide races.

truepeers said...

There's no way most of these MSM types will ever find the courage or intelligence to see what they really are. Our only hope is to marginalize them. Let's go blog and maybe one day we'll have reasonable sedition laws again :)

terrye said...

I think it is obvious the terrorists believe that hanging on a couple more years will save them. The media has gone to such lengths to identify this war with Bush and not the country that they have good reason to believe that.

Back in the day, Hitler and the Emporer knew that if FDR vanished, they would still have a fight on their hands. Now thanks to the media and a lot of high profile Dems like Feingold the terrorists feel that if they can just hang on....we will run away. And they might be right.

Syl said...

the terrorists feel that if they can just hang on....we will run away.

I believe that too.

In any case we are going to be tested in 2009, whomever is elected.