Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Tuesday Tech Digest

Google has not been sitting on its thumbs. You can use Google job search to find a new job in your area, Google Live Traffic Reports to see in realtime the traffic snarls in your city (only in Toronto so far), or a Google Maps-based census report on any area you want to investigate (check it out, Rick!).

On the physics front, it turns out that atomic nuclei--like electrons--exist at different quantum energy levels, and those levels have been linked to the Riemann Zeta Function, and hence to the distribution of prime integers. This is an immensely profound discovery. The most important outstanding problem in mathematics is the Riemann Hypothesis, which deals with the physical location in the plane of the zeroes of the Riemann function. Seems useless, but the applications are all over the board within mathematics. Now within physics as well.

In health news, the miracle sleep aid Ambien appears to cause people to do strange things in their sleep, such as eating buttered cigarettes, salt sandwiches, and raw bacon. Just say no.

If you're still running Windows, be very very careful. There are several new Internet Explorer exploits out, and you can just bet the Russian mafia is already employing these. Not to mention new versions of cracker tools which allow your Windows password to be captured in seconds, with 99.9% probability.

Very useful tip: you can now use your Knoppix CD or DVD to scan for Windows viruses. Just boot from the CD and you're good to go.

Finally, our human interest section, here's a man who used the well-known hacker tool Ethereal (packet sniffer) to discover his girlfriend was cheating on him. Who says technology isn't useful?

Update: Riemann Zeta Function link fixed.


truepeers said...

All very interesting, but I'm having trouble getting the Riemann Zeta Function link...

Charlie Martin said...

What's odd about a salt sandwich?

brylun said...

Interesting column. Too bad for Len.

Anonymous said...

Googleing the delightful phrase "Ambien buttered cigarettes" led me to the correct link

Rick Ballard said...

The Google map/census data link has the same apparent utility as the girlfriend packet sniffer - which seems a rather rude concept to begin with.

The marvels of science never cease to amaze.

chuck said...


...I'm having trouble getting the Riemann Zeta Function link...

I've always had problems with that myself.


...has the same apparent utility as the girlfriend packet sniffer - which seems a rather rude concept to begin with.

Hey, techies are people, too. The means may change but the motivations stay the same.

Morgan said...

Google is also apparently planning to cover the world in a Wi-Fi blanket.

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