Thursday, October 26, 2006

A Deal with the Devil

Have the Democrats sold their souls for an election victory? I hope not.

The numbers of soldiers killed in Iraq had declined this year, until this election season. The numbers of soldiers killed has reached its highest level since Jan. 2005.

Of course Jan 30, 2005 was the date of Iraqi legislative elections. Jihadis are said to be bragging on their websites that they can swsy the midterms here by killing soldiers there. And of course the Democrats are more than willing to play along with this if it can get them what they want. Congressman Murtha might win and what jihadi would not want this man in a position to authority? It is simple, kill Americans, the Democrats win, the Democrats cut off the money and the mission ends and the troops are withdrawn and genocide and mayhem ensue..remember Afghanistan in the 80's and 90's... child's play compared to what Iraq could be.

But the important thing is that Murtha get that leadership position and if a few more Marines have to die to make that happen. What the hell Like the man said, they are cold blooded murderers...

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