Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Steele Ties It Up

According to this SUSA poll, Michael Steele has pulled even in the Maryland Senate race.

It's only one poll, I don't like SUSA's methodology, and Cardin hasn't really screwed up - yet, but the truly interesting thing about it is that the same sample gives O'Malley a six point lead over Ehrlich. The big split came from black support for Steele. If Steele can hold that 25% of the black vote this is a very tight race.


loner said...

I go do some Montana research (and watch Lost) and all I come back to is SurveyUSA polling in Maryland. This time last month, they had Steele up 1 and O'Malley up 7. Nobody else has been anywhere in their vicinity since when it comes to Steele. Regardless, SurveyUSA movement, such as it is, is downward and in Cardin's favor. Steele's support declined by 2% and Cardin's by 1%. Call me skeptical.

cf said...

I think Ehrlich has been a great governor. He won in a last minute surge against great odds the last time. I think Steele will win. I think Md blacks carried the day for Ehrlich last time because they were angry Kathleen Kennedy Townsend did not pick a Black for a running mate and did not have any Blacks in her inner circle--She only came around to them to try to pump their votes at the end of the campaign.
Watch this race..I think Steele will win and may help Ehrlich.

(I heard an anti Ehrlich add on the radio today--very awful and amateurish. )

Unknown said...

I don't have much faith in polls in general anymore. I read them just like everyone else, but I always have the feeling that I am being played.

I think it could go either way. How is that for wishy washy?