Friday, October 20, 2006

Something New

If you're a cartophile, if like me you love Google Earth, I draw your attention to the Virtual Earth website where Microsoft tonight quietly released very high-resolution imagery of the following cities: Boston, Seattle, San Francisco, Dallas, Ft. Worth, Atlanta, Philadelphia, Las Vegas, and San Jose. I suggest you take a look, see if you like it, and keep an eye on these cities in the next three weeks or so.

You heard it here first.


Rick Ballard said...

Do you know what the update schedule is going to be like for the aerial imaging? Based on empty lots the photo of my street is about 18 months old.

Great program and I noticed that search Beta too. I think now would be another good time to consider shorting Google.

MeaninglessHotAir said...


You're welcome. And don't forget to keep looking for the next 3 weeks. It'll knock your socks off.


I think Google is a very good company. I wouldn't short it personally. Yahoo, you can short that. Mapquest, AOL, etc., they don't have much of a future. It will come down to MSFT and GOOG and I think both will do well.

chuck said...

But where are the intelligence concerns? Even the most backward enemy now possesses the space borne surveillance abilities of a first rate nation. I love the information, but what enemy needs to photograph a nuclear plant when detailed pictures are available?

I assume some places are off limits. I sure hope so, anyway. Some several years in the future it will not be possible to restrict access as various satellite assets become commercially available. It wouldn't surprise me if the French, for instance, made a point of putting such info on the market. But it would be nice if that time were delayed even a bit.

loner said...

It took me awhile because, well, it was ten moves and 21+ years ago and I had trouble summoning up the address, but the house where I lived for a year while the owner was teaching in Texas is still below Twin Peaks on the east (Noe Valley) and still painted purple.

When my wife and I visited San Francisco she was, I like to think, just as impressed by our drive up that final block, which I often walked that year, of 24th Street and my parallel parking in front of the Painted Ladies as she was by the sites. Driving and parking in San Francisco. Is anything in life more challenging?

Nice work, MHA.