Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Internet Explorer 7

Microsoft hasn't released a new browser in 5 years, but that changed today. Internet Explorer 7 is out and it adds (finally) many of the features, such as tabbed browsing, that have been available in Opera and Mozilla for years. Microsoft clearly does better when there is competition and the competition from Mozilla has finally reached the boiling point and caused the giant to react.

I've been using IE7 for the last 6 months and I heartily approve it as superior to IE6 in both utility and security. Newer websites are already starting to optimize for it. It already possesses 7% of the Flares market. If you're running Windows, you would be well-advised to start enjoying your copy today. (Disclaimer: Firefox, which is very close to releasing version 2.0 officially, remains my favorite browser, on Windows, Mac, and Linux.)

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Syl said...

IE is too secure.

That's why I switched to Firefox.

I'm not joking. IE had become a PITA to use because of all its safety not allowing you to view pictures on your own harddrive and not allowing you to save certain pages to disk.

Firefox allows all that. And more.

One of the basic tenets of security is DON'T MAKE BEING SECURE A PITA FOR THE USER. Because the user will attempt to bypass all the measures just to be able to easily get the job done.

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