Monday, October 30, 2006

Socialism by any other name?

Tony Blair has proposed new taxes to account for the supposed consequences of human caused global warming. One of the schemes I heard about on the radio includes a tax on produce or other products from abroad to account for the CO2 emissions of transporting the items. In other circles this would be called a tariff and an impediment to free trade. Of course, the aim is portrayed as noble. A dirty little word like protectionist doesn't enter the equation. Consider this from Gordon Brown, Chancellor of the Exchequer.
The chancellor, Gordon Brown, who commissioned the review, said climate
change was "the world's biggest market failure" (bold not
in original) and that Britain would become the leading country in pushing for
low carbon emissions.

Quite interesting, biggest market failure. In other words we need massive degrees of central regulation in order to tackle the heating of the planet. Meet the new boss, same as the old boss (apologies to Pete Townsend, if necessary). In a coordinated action, a former Vice President has found a new government dole from which to draw a salary.

Britain is to send the author of today's landmark review on global warming to
try to win American hearts and minds to the urgent cause of cutting carbon
emissions - as it emerged yesterday that the government has already signed up
former US vice-president Al Gore to advise on the environment.

Sir Nicholas Stern, who this morning publishes an authoritative report on climate change warning that inaction could cause a worldwide recession as damaging as the
Depression of the 1930s, will lobby politicians and business people in America
at the turn of the year.

We will see many centralization schemes in the next several years as the climate change debate boils over. Of course, such schemes require the bureaucratic infrastructure to manage this. Perhaps Benan Sevan will be looking for something to do if he can unwiggle himself from current predicaments.


chuck said...

What, are you saying Labor is using scare tactics to extend their reach? That Britain has become Oceania with global warming in place of war? Yes, that is what it looks like.

I don't doubt these folks are sincere but I think they are sorely lacking in judgement. And wasn't part of the Great Depression the imposition of tariffs that hobbled world trade?

Barry Dauphin said...

It also seems to fit with the general Euro trend to raise trade barriers whenever possible, such as with grain grown in Africa that has been (hold onto your hats) genetically modified. Protecting Euro farmers rarely is mentioned. Instead it's the moral imperative of defending Europe from Frankenfoods.

Barry Dauphin said...

fresh air
6. Can it be shown that such warming would not be a net positive for life on earth?

I would have thought it would at least be a net positive for Great Britain :>).

Barry Dauphin said...
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truepeers said...

the left are truly evil in their blind will that will destroy the economy to save the planet that is now the supreme object of a victimary ideology (an ideology that makes today's left somewhat different from the old left who saw the workers less as victims as creators of the new order to come...)

But, libertarianism is not the answer either. Whatever the natural forces that will bring change of one kind or another to the planet, we need government willing to mediate the consequences. The supreme hubris of those who would see big government and its heroic agents as an omnipotent force that can "stop climate change" should not be opposed to those who would see no role for government in helping humanity survive the whims of nature.

What is really sad is that this is surely Blair's way of compensating for all the hatred he received for supporting the US in Iraq. The forces of anti-Americanism and anti-Zionism will destroy Britain long before mother nature, I would be willing to bet, though perhaps the more insane the government's proposed actions on global warming the more likely a renewed conservatism will emerge in the UK. Maybe we should find ways to promote the climate change insanity as a secret strategy in building up the forces that will one day have the nerve also to tackle the Jihad?

Barry Dauphin said...

We should tell everyone that Osama is in favor of global warming. Maybe then we could get support for the WoT.