Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Via Jonah Goldberg

The Corner on National Review Online: "That s.o.b. Kerry should have been there with us during the ring ceremony for our daughter’s class at West Point (2004). We bowed our heads, and most of the moms were crying and silently praying “Dear God, please not my son!” as they read the role of the graduates who had already fallen in the War on Terror. Every week or so we get an e-mail of another of the long grey line who “gave his last full measure of devotion.” Kerry must pay for THIS remark with his career. By the way, our daughter was valedictorian of her high school class and is to be shipped to Afghanistan in the beginning of December – her first Christmas away from home. I’m trying very hard not to use foul language here in case you should post this, but my blood is on fire and it is a hard struggle."

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Eric said...

The guy just does not know when to shut up. But the 'its only poor ignorant rubes' in the military meme is definitely alive and well.