Friday, October 20, 2006

Media liberal?

Can You Trust The National Media?: Financial News - Yahoo! Finance: "Journalists from Walter Cronkite to Dan Rather never told the public they were liberal, and they always denied any liberal bias in the media. They claimed they just reported the news. Yet as the Media Research Center states, 'Since 1985, the percentage of Americans who perceive a liberal bias in the media has doubled from 22% to 45%. Even a plurality of Democrats now say the press is liberal.'

By far, the most insidious practice of the nearly 90% liberal-controlled national media is how they select which stories and facts to cover and promote, and the special slant they give to each story. More important are the stories they choose not to cover and which facts they omit because they don't support their story angle or political objectives."

In other news, sun sets in west.

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