Sunday, October 22, 2006

Madrid Redux

Are we going to let the jihadis use death and mayhem to sway an election? I hope not. I think it will come back and bite us in some very unpleasant ways if we do.
Jed Babbin from an interview with M.Gen. Bill Caldwell:

There has been a lot of misreporting of what the president said to George Stephanopoulos who posed the comparison between Iraq and Vietnam (written by NYT columnist Tom Friedman). I asked Caldwell about his understanding of what the president said. He agreed with my characterization of the president's remark as being limited to comparing the enemies' attempts to influence US public opinion. Caldwell said, "We've already seen on jihadist websites that they've said US elections are coming and they want to inflict the maximum number of casualties to influence the US people" to get out of Iraq. Those saying that Bush agreed to any broader comparison between Iraq and Vietnam are reporting what they wanted to hear, not what the president said.

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truepeers said...

Are we going to let the jihadis use death and mayhem to sway an election?.

-death and mayhem works on most of the media and at least half the electorate, sad but true at present. They don't believe in God but they sure believe in the Jihadis' beliefs as scary truths. And still, all they want to do is get out of everything and not have to believe... In other words, they're just buying time for their easy lives because they know one of these days some God cult is going to take over. I hope the majority of American voters send the message that it's time to stop the superscillious Gore Vidalian non-committal and make clear it's time to choose Gods again. Only then will the Jihadis be unable to influence votes.