Thursday, December 28, 2006

Are Journalists Idiots?

Or do they just make up good stories? Way back when, I knew a gal who wrote stories for one of the supermarket tabloids. They would send her a picture and she would write a story to go with it. Her stories were so, ahem, imaginative that they moved her down, or is that up, to one of their wilder publications. Anyway, take a gander at the picture of the "Bradleys" to the left and then read the rest of the story.


terrye said...

I have mentioned before that I came to the conclusion they were morons when I was a farmer. They blathered on about agriculture as if they were experts and the truth is they did not know the difference between a holstein and an angus. Literally. On a 60 Minutes special entitled White Gold Mike Wallace was droning on with a picture of a beef cow in the background. Beef, dairy they are all bovine to the journalists busily portraying farmers as parasites.

I thought then, if these people are as screwed up about everything else as they are about farming, how many lies do they tell everyday?

Anonymous said...

We all easily spot examples of this ignorance in those things we know something about. The problem, as has been pointed out before, is that we shake our heads and then blithely proceed to watch the next TV segment or turn the page to the next article and accept it at face value.

But less and less with each passing day.

gumshoe said...

there was a great "WILEY" cartoon strip a few years ago....

a pear-shaped,frazzled journo with a dart in his hand,facing a tackboard with labels describing multiple topics: economimcs,space flight,
atomic science,tort law,etc.

the caption over the top over the tackboard said: