Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Sagan blog-a-thon is Dec. 20

Sagan blog-a-thon is Dec. 20: "Fans and bloggers are planning a worldwide blog-a-thon to commemorate the life and legacy of Carl Sagan -- consummate scientist, communicator and educator -- on Dec. 20, the 10th anniversary of his death. Sagan was Cornell's David Duncan Professor of Astronomy and Space Sciences.

The event, organized by New York City fan Joel Schlosberg, encourages bloggers of all stripes to discuss the Cornell astronomer's influence in their lives. Schlosberg plans to compile a meta-blog -- a blog of blogs -- following the event to link Sagan bloggers to one another."

I'm not as much of a Sagan fan as a lot of people, in particular because he explicitly kept pushing the "nuclear winter" idea long after the original paper was pretty decisively refuted, because he felt it was politically convenient. (Politicizing science is never a good idea.)

But, all in all, we won't see his like again.

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chuck said...

"I'm not as much of a Sagan fan as a lot of people..."

When biologists get to feeling snarky about Sagan, they claim that Lynn Margulis (his first wife) was the better scientist. It's probably true if you measure in terms of scientific impact.