Monday, December 18, 2006

Come on, tell us what you really think

Editorial: Carter removing all doubt - "WASHINGTON - There appears to be no bottom to the pit of specious vacuity in which former president Jimmy Carter has been falling since his massive repudiation by voters in his 1980 election loss to Ronald Reagan. Carter’s latest book — “Palestine: Peace, not Apartheid” — poses a ridiculous argument and commits unforgivable intellectual sins while doing so."


David Thomson said...

I find it amazing that it took so long for people to realize that Jimmy Carter is minimally a latent anti-Semite. It shows you that someone perceived to be a liberal can get away with just about anything. Oh well, Carter has now apparently destroyed his place in history.

Fresh Air said...

Don't you mean "cemented" his place in history?

This buffoon will go down as not only one of the worst presidents of all time, but hands-down, the worst ex-president.

What a pathetic, small little man he is.

vnjagvet said...

He is posturing himself as an intellectual, but it is a fraudulent posture.

At bottom, it is the warmed over Ku Klux Klan Populist Pap, on which he was raised. It would indeed be an interesting study to read some of the 1930 KKK literature and compare its message on "the JOOOOOOOS" with the crap in this book.

I suspect, however, that Ms. Lillian would not approve.

Luther said...


Interesting you bring up Lillian. I suspect she would have Jimmy out behind the barn and be wielding a willow switch directed at his a** for his latest behavior.

But this quote from Wiki, as to Lillian, seems apropos;

"When I look at my four children sometimes I say to myself, Lillian, you should have stayed a virgin."

Little did she know.

Luther said...

Of course, and OTOH, just who did she admit into her home (based on the wiki article)? I'm being really nasty here, but were Jews as welcome as Blacks? I have not researched, but from where did Jimmy receive his current bias? Just his experiences as President? Doubtful.

We all grab at what makes us feel good. Sometimes it's right, sometimes it's not.

Anonymous said...

Well, when he couldn't get up the courage to debate that fearsome killer attack rabbit Alan Dershowitz, I figured it was all over.