Monday, December 11, 2006

I'll be glad when you're gone, you rascal you

The Moderate Voice - Kofi Annan, Hypocrite, retired: "Annan has never lacked for a kind word and a soft shoulder towards the world's most cruel dictators while holding the United States to a 'special responsibility' that requires that the U.S. not only avoid pursuing its interests, but also asks that the U.S. actively undermine itself whenever convenient for the Secretary-General's office. At the same time he calls the United States to its supposed 'special responsibility', however, Annan refused to uphold his own by repeatedly obstructing international cooperation in crises from Kosovo to Darfur.

Even when international cooperation has proven possible, Annan has undermined it. During the period of sanctions against Iraq from 1991-2003, the Secretary-General's office was empowered to manage the 'Oil for Food' program designed to decrease the impact of the sanctions on Iraqi civilians while blocking Iraqi rearmament. Due to massive corruption within the program, however, Saddam Hussein diverted money away from feeding his people to build himself grand new palaces while U.N. bureaucrats including Annan's own son skimmed millions off for their personal enrichment. When the fraud was exposed, Annan personally blocked all meaningful moves for accountability."


MeaninglessHotAir said...

There's something disingenuous about all the anti-Kofi sentiment today, isn't there? Because, we all know that it isn't just Kofi; we all know that half the country and 90% of Europe holds the US to a far higher standard than our enemies or adversaries.

terrye said...


To some extent that is true, but half the country and 90% of Europe did not have a son making money off the food for oil scam.

I think a lot of folks hold the US to a higher standard and we can debate whether or not that is fair.

However, few of them have been in a position to screw with the US that Kofi has.

I have often wondered if the UN had done its job a decad ago might we have resolved the prblems with Saddam efore 9/11. I doubt that, but I think there are some people who bdo believe that. And those people hate Kofi for screwing up our best chance to avoid war with Iraq.

terrye said...

sorry for the typos, too early for preview.