Wednesday, December 20, 2006

ScienceDaily: Go To Church And Breathe Easier

ScienceDaily: Go To Church And Breathe Easier: "Using peak expiratory flow rate (PEFR), researchers measured pulmonary function in 1,189 study subjects ranging in age from 70 to 79 years. They found that regular religious service attendance (at least weekly attendance) was associated with a slower pulmonary function decline among men and women, compared to those who never attend services. The findings could not be explained by differences in smoking or physical activity.

Maselko and her colleagues believe that this is the first study to examine the relationship between religious engagement and lung function over time. Religious activity could benefit health in a number of ways. Overall, going to church provides social contact and emotional support, thereby reducing the isolation that afflicts many elderly and boosting psychological well-being."

Uh, hello? Singing?

Gads, people can get anything funded these days.

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Fresh Air said...

It also doesn't say what the percentage decrease is. If it's less than 50 percent, (i.e. RR<2) then unidentified variables are a more important factor in the outcome.