Friday, December 29, 2006

It Is Over For The Butcher of Baghdad

Thankfully, for all of his victims.

I am sorry that even at the end, there are those who believe that something should have saved him from this fate.


Anonymous said...

Yes, there are such people. Too friggin' bad.

terrye said...

I wonder if he thought he would be saved. For a guy who had no connections to terrorists he sure is a big hit with the car bomb set.

I remember after his regime fell, he promised thousands of martyrs. Now it seems he gets to be one himself. For a change.

I just ordered the book, Between Two Worlds, Growing up in the Shadow of Saddam. I have heard interesting things about it.

Now will come the moral equivocators. They will say we are no better than Saddam blah blah blah. I was watching TV news last night for the first time in sometime and there was Edwards begging people to vote for him. His trasnformation from hawk to dove is complete. I swear some of these people would lock their own mothers in a closet to die a slow death for a frigging vote. No principles whatsoever.