Thursday, December 21, 2006

Uncommon Sense: Signs of trouble for dictatorship (UPDATED)

Uncommon Sense: Signs of trouble for dictatorship (UPDATED): "CIEGO DE AVILA, Cuba, December 18th, 2006 – More than 300 signs reading “I want change; I do not cooperate” were placed on posts and walls along the main highway, Aguada de Pasajeros.
According to Bernardo Rogelio Arévalo Padrón, director of Linea Sur Press, and independent news agency, numerous stickers appeared in the street on December 8th, the last day of carnivals."


Anonymous said...

Let's keep hoping. What would the overthrow of Communism mean for that island - and for us in 2008?

David Thomson said...

"...and for us in 2008?"

Why not 2007? The odds are that Fidel will die sometime in the next 6 months. Can his brother hold onto power? Is the so-called Cuban Revolution totally dependent upon the charisma of this monstrous individual? We should find out soon enough.

Charlie Martin said...

Personally I've always wanted to visit Hemingway's Finca Vigia.