Monday, November 26, 2012

Budget gift ideas -- The Mega Plumber Action Hero

In these uncertain economic times, as a public service, I've suggested budget gift items to help you find the perfect present to put under your Christmas Holiday tree.

The first gift I recommend this season is the Mega Plumber Action Hero by American Standard. As explained by them, "[he] is the virtuous leader of the American Standard Plumber Protects League. A Master Plumber, he is an expert in sewage, drainage, industrial plant piping, and all potable water systems."

As if that isn't good enough, the Mega Plumber Action Hero comes with his own tools, a Champion 4 toilet to install and an 8 page comic book detailing his adventures -- all for only $10.

Man, try and tell me that Barbie wouldn't dump that drip Ken in a second for the Mega Plumber Action Hero. This is a must have item for your holiday gift giving.


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