Sunday, October 15, 2006

Where was the Outrage?

Do we want the Democrats to run the military again?

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loner said...

Eighteen American servicemen died as a result of the Battle of Mogadishu fought during October 3-4, 1993. The supporting graph shows no military deaths due to hostile action in 1993. There are 29 listed as being due to terrorist attacks. I find that categorization, should that be where they're included, strange.

vnjagvet said...

Without taking away from the point, Terrye, it could be argued that the graph is a bit misleading (although it is accurately labled) because it is not a comparison of total deaths from all causes, including combat deaths in Iraq. The Clinton Admin figures are for all deaths from whatever cause. The Iraq war deaths are for all deaths in Iraq.

terrye said...


I think the point here is that the casaulties in Iraq have been low enough that they could be compared to normal rates of death the military faced inthe previous administration. In fact they are less.

Is this misleading? Well, is it misleading to act as if Ramadi is Iwo Jima? I think so.

But demcorats tell us everyday that our military is on the verge of collapse, it is broken and so this just kind of acts as a reminder of the fact that we have a very large military and the military is a dangerous place..even in peace time.

Cutting costs and getting lax can people killed too.