Sunday, December 10, 2006

Rape victim to get daughter back soon |

Rape victim to get daughter back soon | "The Cherokee County woman who killed the man who raped her most likely will be able to take her daughter home with her, probably by next week.

First the mother has to complete a psychological evaluation.

'They want to make sure I am of no harm to myself or anyone else,' the woman said Friday after a hearing in Juvenile Court in Cherokee County. She hopes to celebrate Christmas with family in Ohio.

'I'm happy I'm getting my daughter back,' she said.

The 7-year-old girl was placed in foster care after the Nov. 5 attack.

The youngster was in their rural Cherokee County home when her mother was raped. Authorities have said Gerald A. Lee, who was armed with a shotgun, broke into the house and raped the 38-year-old mother. A fierce battle between Lee and the woman began when he threatened to also rape her daughter. She stabbed Lee several times and was severely injured during the struggle."

Got that? The guy, armed with a shotgun, raped her. He then threatened to rape her eight year old daughter, and she fought him, knife against shotgun.

So the state took her daughter and put her in foster care because they thought Mom might be a risk.

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Ed onWestSlope said...

As a society, we allow this kind of foolishness to hit the news and continue without significant comment. We hardly even discuss and cuss this in the donut shops. The idea of riding a town idiot or five out of town on a rail is not to be considered.

How can we even discuss the events in the M.E.??????
What is right?? and wrong??