Friday, December 22, 2006

Reason Magazine - The Lingering Stench of Malthus

Reason Magazine - The Lingering Stench of Malthus: "Jeremy Rifkin, the president of the leftist Foundation on Economic Trends, recently wrote an op/ed entitled 'The Risks of Too Much City' in the Washington Post. Mostly it's filled with vacuous platitudes about 'sustainability,' but he does decry the growth of cities. 'In the great era of urbanization we have increasingly shut off the human race from the rest of the natural world in the belief that we could conquer, colonize and utilize the riches of the planet to ensure our autonomy without dire consequences to us and future generations,' he declares. Of course that's exactly what we've done and it's a good thing too."


chuck said...

Shades of Pol Pot. The agrarian utopia cleased of urban man, yeah, that's what we want.

buddy larsen said...

I think these guys are overwhelmed by the certainty of their own individual demise.

"Progress" in this neurosis can mean nothing but 'the approach of the end'.

Charlie Martin said...

There's a reason we call them "watermelons". I really am convinced that one underlying impulse for Rifkin and many others is the urge to the authoritarian.