Thursday, July 19, 2007


Someone who is willing to feed my addiction sent me these. I'll put up s'more anudder time.


Anonymous said...

Superb. Thanks, Knuck. And thanks to your friend, too.

Knucklehead said...

I've been failing, miserably, to get my own photos so thievery will have to suffice.

This morning, had I remembered to grab my little snapshot camera, would have provided and excellent opportunity. I haven't been able to spot 5 birds at once but I'm beginning to suspect there are three ospring.

This morning one of the ospring was sitting atop a light pole - a mere thirty feet or so off the ground. Just watching the world go by and I was able to walk up as close to the pole as you please. Didn't seem to perturb the tyke one bit. Another ospring was flying around, getting in some practice, and clearly decided it was time to get the pole sitter up and moving around, so he swooped in and semi-hovered and all but begged his brother to come along and play. It was fabulous. Don't know what it is but birds of prey just thrill the heck outta me. Been seeing a ton of red-tail hawks lately. The internet says I shouldn't be seeing them in my neck of the woods but there they are.

BTW, I learned of another osprey nest atop a cell tower about 5 miles from the house. Don't have any opportunity to observe it but it's nice to know it's there - and occupied.

bobalharb said...

Osprey often have ospring.

bobalharb said...

In the spring.

truepeers said...

Awesome photos. Any idea if the double fister managed to get away with the catch?

Anonymous said...

Ambitious devil in the bottom photo. That fish seems awfully big.

I see ospreys around here, though I can't find nests nearby.