Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Weekly Links

This week I begin a new tradition in which links of particular value, which you might overlook otherwise, get the gold-star treatment.

Russia continues its venerable tradition of nukes for the dictators.

A non-running quantum computer that really works.

Floating windmills on the sea.

Boeing reveals the 787.

Apple's little problem with thievery.

Birdsong fashions.

Amazing new Taser gun.

British castles revealed.

A new computer virus capital of the world has been selected.

Oil at $85?

The rat-brained robot performs.

What a bad week looks like.

Piet Mondrian would be proud.

How to make quick important decisions.

Cheapest days to buy.

Robots of ancient Greece.

Police-state Britain seizes fun risky trampoline.

Saddam's ICBM program revealed.

The coming derivatives Armageddon.

10 essential habits of freelance workers.

First octosquid discovered.

Scott Adams on hypnosis.

Mass Soviet grave discovered near Kabul. "Hundreds were walled in alive." No Russian flag-burnings expected in Sweden, no protests scheduled in Washington Square.


buddy larsen said...

Excellent, excellent selection. Muchos Gracias!

MeaninglessHotAir said...

Thanks, buddy. Links seem a little lightweight this week, but Scott Adams's piece is really worth reading.