Thursday, July 12, 2007

Hot air

The full court press will not stop anytime soon. The best we can hope for is that over the next decade the Armageddonistas will switch to shrieking about an impending ice age.

Scientists have declared the Northeastern US all but finished!

The Union of Concerned Scientists released Global Warming Will Hit U.S. Northeast Hard Unless Action Taken Now; Long-term Severity Depends On Near-term Choices

The local fishwrap picks it up from the AP -
Scientists: Warming will devastate N.J., other states

Wilting heat, deadly storms, flash floods, coastal erosion, more days with unhealthy air — those are just some of the effects of rising temperatures on the Northeast...

NJ's Governor, fresh from having his head thumped around in a careening SUV, takes the bait and runs with it...

"We've got a real problem when it comes to climate change — there is a clear and present danger," Gov. Corzine said...

The article goes on to provide plenty of doom and gloom

..the multibillion-dollar coastal tourism industry will suffer from even a slight rise in sea level that will result from a global rise in temperatures, the scientists said. Less snowfall and more ice storms will adversely affect New Hampshire, Vermont and other states that draw winter tourists for skiing and snowmobiling...

...two of the state's premier crops, blueberries and cranberries, would be threatened if temperatures rise by as much as 14 degrees Fahrenheit by late century, as scientists predict will happen if fossil fuel consumption continues to rise at current levels.

...Boston and Atlantic City are projected to experience once-a-century flooding every year or two. Coastal flooding and erosion along the eastern seaboard is projected to occur regularly, costing billions.

And more! The print version provides a sidebar that gives ten suggestions for people to follow to help improve the dire situation. The fishwrap's weather dude, to his credit, has the good sense to wonder whether one of those suggestions will really reduce carbon dioxide output.

Like Lex Luthor, I'm looking forward to owning some oceanfront property!


chuck said...

I demand a fence! Let's keep those north easterners in the north east. The last thing we need out here is undocumented blue staters moving in, looking for refuge and doing work that Americans won't do.

Knucklehead said...


I think you're missing an opportunity for the further good of the nation here, Chuck.

The True Blue Northeast should be ceded to Canada. They want to be a quasi-Euro welfare society. So let 'em leave the Union and Join Canada. Then it'll be Canada's problem when Gorebal Warmening turns them into a 60M people disaster area.

Just man the Alleghenies and gun 'em down as the come through (we, of course, meaning that I'm working on altering my citizenship westward a few hunnert miles.

richard mcenroe said...

We can't get them to admit there's a clear and present danger when skyscrapers are blown up. But one press release...