Friday, July 06, 2007

Hockey in The Park

McIntyre is at it again. This time everything is simple enough so that even I can understand it. If you would like to understand the basics of hockey stick manufaturing, this is an excellent primer with easy to follow graphics.

While I understand the need to establish a coherent mythos in support of Gaia worship I sometimes wonder if government support of research into the behavior of this fellow:

might be suffering due to all the focus on hockey stick manufacturing techniques.

UPDATE: Here is a National Geographic piece that poses a bit of a conundrum (barring my lack of understanding as to what it's saying). As we enter this weekend of Gaia worship we are reminded that the upper bound increase at +100 years of 6.0 degrees Celsius will result in the icecaps melting and Manhattan being submerged (a silver lining?). The article states that ice core data over the past 800,000 years show that
"... the warmest period was during the last interglacial period, which is an interval of warmer global average temperature that separates ice ages. At that time, around 130,000 years ago, it was a balmy 4.5 degrees Celsius (8.1 degrees Fahrenheit) warmer than today."

If +4.5 degrees didn't melt the ice caps (ice core, remember) that last 1.5 degrees must have a real doozy of an effect. Oddly, the article doesn't mention the thinning that must have occured due to less ice being made in the warmer times....

UPDATE: More from National Geographic - "Based on computer models, some researchers had thought that most of southern Greenland was ice-free about 125,000 years ago, during the last interglacial period—a gap in time between ice ages when Earth was warmer." Maybe the models only work for predicting the future?


Anonymous said...

Amazing. Who do they think they are, economists?

Anonymous said...

Two questions:

1. When will the bogeyman of anthropogenic global warming begin to fade away?

2. Which catastrophe (of course also requiring massive government regulation of private lives) will take its place?

Rick Ballard said...

It's going to take a good while. How many people are actually qualified in statistics at a level that allows to point out the fact that the ecoemperor is running around nekkid?

Barry needs to do a post (or a paper) about the number of inchoate fears that Gaia worship addresses. PT Barnum would be so thrilled about today - people all over the world paying good money for that prized ticket to see the amazing Egress. The true "wisdom of the crowd" on full display in all its glory.

What's next? Something to do with scarcity coupled with a complete disregard for human ingenuity would be a safe bet.