Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Michael Vick Indicted by Feds for Gambling and Illegal Dogfighting

Here is the 18 page indictment.

The charges include gambling over dogfights and abusing dogs which have traveled in interstate commerce. At least some are felonies.

To put this in perspective with something we have followed over the past few years, this is a much stronger indictment than the one brought against Lewis Libby.

A conspiracy case is difficult to defend because any one of the conspirators can bring down the whole group. Any it is not necessary for a defendant to have participated in any of the "purposive acts" in furtherance of the conspiracy.

I will be very surprised if Vick plays another down in the NFL.

The new commissioner has suspended "Pacman" Jones for the season, and he has not even been charged with a crime. It is inconceivable to me that he will allow Vick to play while he is under indictment.

While I am by no means convicting Vick without a trial, I predict it will be very difficult for him to win before a Richmond federal jury.

This is tough on the Falcon's new coach Bobby Petrino, on the owner, Arthur Blank, on the General Manager, Rich McKay, on his teammates, and on Falcon fans like me.

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brylun said...

Street thugs like Michael Vick provide a terrible role model for our youth.