Friday, July 13, 2007

I oughta have some pictures

But I don't. This morning's Osprey Observations were just downright fun. An ospring, can't say if it was One or Two, but just one of them, was everywhere practicing his flying skills - stretching the young wings.

He got himself (or herself, what do I know?) over a large clearing and made three diving practice passes. The first was so tentative it was something similar to cute. From maybe eighty or a hundred feet up he folded his wings and headed earthward for maybe twenty or thirty feet. Then he circled and climbed again, folded those lovely wings, and headed earthward to within roughly ten feet above ground.

Up, up and around yet again... tuck those wings... dive... dive... skim the very top of the grass and then a joyous looking victory tour covering big distances, at treetop level, very quickly. And back to the tower for a rest. But he wouldn't rest long. Off again for more practice - he was everywhere this morning. Wish I had a way to thank him for that. I'm bettin' he was the one who dropped that hank o' fish I almost stepped on - clumsy yute.


Anonymous said...

Well, we do need pictures.

Course, as the last person in America without a digital camera, I should talk...

Knucklehead said...

My problem is I only have a snapshot quality camera which is not good enough for high-flying things.

I had a semi-pro all lined up to help me this summer but she up and decided to have brat #4, crazy woman.