Sunday, January 21, 2007


They played one of their best games.

Went out ahead with three field goals and a touchdown.

Gave up two unanswered touchdowns.

Then ran away with it.

Great performance by the players and great coaching by Lovie Smith.

Grossman played well in the clutch.

Deuce McAllister disappeared, mainly because of the Bears defense.

Great game.


Barry Dauphin said...

Congrats, but no celebration from me. Saints will get you next year.

buddy larsen said...

ooo--the Louisiana branch is gonna be sick. Jeez. My pore BnL & nephew.

loner said...

...and the Colts.

I'm reminded of the 49ers in 1982 and the Patriots in 2002 and not, thankfully, of the 1986 matchup. I took the points that year.