Friday, January 12, 2007

Is AJ right?

I saw this over at AJ's:

Secretary of State Rice put both Iran and Congress on notice not to interfere with our new Iraq strategy.

The US stepped up pressure on Iran Thursday with the secretary of state warning that Washington will not stand “idly by” if Tehran disrupts a new strategy to stabilize Iraq hours after US troops raided an Iranian government office in Irbil. …

Rice declined repeatedly to rule out US military action against Iran.

I don’t want to speculate on what operations the United States may be engaged in, but you will see that the United States is not going to simply stand idly by and let these activities continue,” she said.

I would like to provide a little lesson on the government spending process. The Department of Defense budget for GFY 07 was the only budget to pass last fall before the Reps lost control, and it includes some money to wage the war on terror for some period of time. It definitely contains enough money to get the troops into position for this new offensive. And no budget adjustments passed by Congress will make it past the President’s veto pen.

Can Congress stop Bush? Do they have the constitutional authority?


Fresh Air said...

Sure, they have it. (a) They're too cowardly to use it; and (b) Appropriations riders is too blunt a sword for war management, like driving a car in a straitjacket.

buddy larsen said...

It's just red meat to the nitwits to whom we were stupid enough to allow suffrage.