Tuesday, January 23, 2007


The economy is firing on sixteen cylinders.

Iraq sucks.

Thank you and good night.


Reliapundit said...

well said.

but whattabout healtcareimmigrationenergytaxessocialsecuritymedicare?

buddy larsen said...

Gotta have that Carbon Tax--need to get this dadgum economy down before it creates too much private property!

buddy larsen said...

"Hands Off Our Poor People!" --Dems

Barry Dauphin said...

"Keep your poor people off our hands"--Buddy L. ;>)

Rick Ballard said...

Now Buddy, when you use the Carbon Tax to fund No Child Let Behind With Aids In Africa and another 3/4 mile of fence along the Mexican border - well, that's a good thing.

Isn't it?

Don't forget that the Carbon Tax is gonna smack the little chirping Blue Birds right in the beak. It ain't all bad.

buddy larsen said...

...call me "skewered"

buddy larsen said...

ha--very good--the little blue birds flying around Uncle Remus, who if he ever became Dr. Remus would be oh so much less Dem.

terrye said...

Hey, I don;t think Iraq sucks. I just think it is politically and culturally challenged.

buddy larsen said...

Good speech, I thought. Call me a fool but I still like and trust the guy. I also understand that he is president of all the people, and not just me and my own issues. This helps me not become a useful idiot for the lefties (better to be a useless idiot for the righties).

vnjagvet said...

I'm with Buddy.

word verification:


Is that great or what?

Like a fortune cookie.

truepeers said...

It seems to me he came a little closer to declaring war on Iran whom he blamed for all the Shi'ite problems, while simply blaming Sunni extremists and not mentioning SA. Maybe that's his idea of turning up the heat on everyone in Iraq.

Buddy sure nailed the domestic strategy and the Dem response.

Rick Ballard said...


No RoP crap and no reference to "moderate muslims", two uses of "moderate" but one referred to governments and the other had no modfier. Much better than in the past.

Overall, I thought it a very good speech. A little too much laundry list but that's typical. No reference to changes in tactics but a clear warning to Maliki to get his act together.

I wish he would have hit the strength of the economy a couple of more times.

terrye said...

I thought it was good too. And like Buddy, I like the guy.