Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Farewell to old friends

Time waits for no man and it sure as heck waits for no computer. Time has forced me to retire the family's trusty ol' iMac. I didn't want to see it go but it was beyond upgrade.

On the other hand, some things should end their days ASAP. Trusty it was, and reliable, but it never earned the status of pet, or beloved family member. Nonetheless the ol' Presario has drawn about the last of the amps allocated to it. It ain't worth tracking down a link.

We'll see if the replacements earn the same status and begrudging respect.


chuck said...

It's interesting to look at the OS statistics on site-meter. About 22% of the visitors to this site use a Mac, about 5% are using Linux, and the rest use some variety of Windows, mostly XP.

The most difficult thing for me is tossing out a bit of hardware that still works, but is outdated. I have, for instance, an old HP Pavilion sitting on the shelf containing a 500MHz Pentium III. Never had a problem with it, no doubt it still boots, but what am I to do with it? Schools have better and newer machines, so do most folks. I suppose I could drop it off at Deseret Industries and someone might pick it up, then again maybe not. There used to be several stores around that sold second hand and outdated equipment; they all went out of business. The technology simply moves too fast and, unless you run Linux or some other free operating system, an OS upgrade by itself will cost you far more than the used hardware.

David Thomson said...

We are also replacing our old I-Mac---and it only has a 500 MHZ processor. The purchase should take place before the end of the month. We are waiting to make sure what is required to satisfy our needs. The odds are that we will buy another Apple product. This way we will be able to run both PC and Apple software.

Syl said...

My PC is five years old this month. Joe is using the one I had before this one which makes his eight years old.

The eight-year-old Dell is a P2 450 and it still serves Joe well. He surfs with a 56k modem, writes, and does work with Picture Publisher and an old Photo-paint. He's perfectly satisfied.

Mine is a P4 2gz with 512 ram and I'm struggling because my needs are different.