Saturday, January 13, 2007

Curly comes out of retirement

They're back! Yeah, its Moe with the gavel, but I think Curly is the better match. I never thought a committee meeting could be that much fun, I mean, this is serious government business. But it's free! Paid for by the good taxpayers of this awesome land.


buddy larsen said...

Just like white people can never be non-racist, Barney no matter how he acts can never be an asshole. The bloody shirt is always fluttering in the background.

"Why, he was discriminated, so waddaya expect?"

loner said...

While there isn't much real debate in the Senate, there's virtually none (by rule) in the House. Most of the entertaining moments have to do with members exploiting the rules to disrupt the proceedings to make a point. Frank is a master of that sort of thing and payback, well orchestrated I might add, was definitely in order.

Good stuff and no hinderance to anything of any note being accomplished.