Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Dafydd is Optimistic, sort of

From Dafydd:

In the first (easy) test today, some of the Republican cowards found just enough courage to reject the worse, Democratic version of the defeatism resolution today, Joe Biden's (D-DE, 100%) "surrender swift":

The Democratic-controlled Senate Foreign Relations Committee dismissed President Bush's plans to increase troops strength in Iraq on Wednesday as "not in the national interest," an unusual wartime repudiation of the commander in chief.

The vote on the nonbinding measure was 12-9 and largely along party lines.

"We better be damn sure we know what we're doing, all of us, before we put 22,000 more Americans into that grinder," said Sen. Chuck Hagel of Nebraska, the sole Republican to join 11 Democrats in support of the measure.

Just for the record I think that voting on a nonbinding resolution of this kind at this time is a craven, oppurtunistic, disloyal, useless, underhanded, arrogant, pompous waste of time from a bunch of bloviating, grandstanding suck ups who would lock their own mothers in a deep dark cellar to die a slow death if it would win them an election. They might as well put on a tight skirt, a Dolly Pardon wig, knee high boots and some cheap perfume and go stand on a street corner calling Hey Sailor wanta have a good time to passersby while they ply their true trade. Same damn difference.

If we are going to govern by polls we might as well cut out the middle men and send these people home. Speaking of polls Jules Crittenden referenced a poll saying the following:

WASHINGTON (CNN) — More than three-quarters of Americans who watched President Bush’s State of the Union address had a positive reaction to it …

Forty-one percent of 370 adults who watched the speech said they had a “very positive” reaction to it. Another 37 percent said their response was “somewhat positive.” …

Of those responding, 32 percent identified themselves as Republican, 31 percent as Democrats and 36 percent as independent.

Sixty-seven percent of speech watchers said they believe Bush’s policies will move the country in the right direction …

Meanwhile, 53 percent said they believe the speech will lead to more cooperation between Bush and the Democrats who control Congress. Forty-three percent said it will lead to more disagreements.

Among the speech viewers, 51 percent said they were very or somewhat confident that the United States will achieve its goals in Iraq. After Bush’s 2004 speech, the number was 71 percent.

See what a difference it makes when the people you poll actually represent a cross section, even a small one, of the population? But then that is the idea, get Bush's numbers down and destroy his ability to govern. It is a good thing Lincoln did not have to worry about the CBS poll back in 1864.

If you are interested in letting them know how you feel take the pledge and sign a petition. H/T Hugh Hewitt.

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H/T Hugh Hewitt."


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