Monday, January 15, 2007



cf said...

DOuble wow!

Syl said...

This technology has been around for a while. I use it in Poser and DAZ Studio.

And, yes, it's animatable.

I work with morphs on figures every day. And not just faces, entire bodies as well.

And morphs aren't just for shaping bodies and faces, they're used for expressions too. Dial in a bit of a smile on the latest Vicky from DAZ and the nose wrinkles a bit and the cheeks move. Stuff like that.

These aren't exactly Barbie Dolls we're workin' with here. :) It's even MORE fun.

There are basic morph sets for almost all the figures and add-on sets are available too. You can change from female to male and even to mythological creatures, monsters, and devils and such.

And morphs aren't just for people! The dog, horse, and cat come with morphs too. Both to subtly vary body/face areas, AND to actually change breed! I can twist a dial to morph my doggie from Doberman to a Lab and my cat from a Siamese to an American shorthair. Or my BIG cat from a lion to a tiger!

We can do the same with some of the birdies too!

But we want more. Always want more. more. more! :)

Syl said...

Just a note to add, Poser has a Face Room where you can match a face to a photo--I'm sure this does it easier, but we don't see the steps involved.

But there's one thing to keep in mind. For 'artists' who release their work to the public, for pay or simple viewing, a release would need be gotten from the original model...which puts a crimp in usage.

On the other hand, it was mentioned but not emphasized, that the texture was taken too. That's extremely important because the two go together.

We also use textures taken from human photos (and textures taken from dogs, cats, etc.). In the case of humans, there is always a release by the human before the texture can be used commerically.

As an aside, DAZ spent hundreds of thousands of dollars creating a morph of a specific model (who posed for them) and used photographs of her body and head for the textures. This morph/texture package for Vicky 3 was released with much fanfare.

But the model hadn't released it for commercial use so nobody bought it. LOL

Anyway, I just think this whole thing is fascinating, fun, and useful. I enjoy working with 3D models and morphs tremendously. And hey, this is not rocket science any more and the technology is available to anyone if you want to dig into apps such as DAZ Studio.