Thursday, January 11, 2007

Favorite Sentence The Morning

OpinionJournal - Dorothy Rabinowitz's Media Log: "President Richard Brodhead was, it seems, barely able to recover from the shock of his discovery that a party thrown by male jocks could occasion heavy drinking."

Rest of the article's good too.


David Thomson said...

"...and Frank Lentricchia, literary critic."

Lentricchia teaches at Duke? What a disgrace. The school might have its act together regarding the hard sciences. But it seems to be a complete whore house when it comes to the liberal arts.

Habu said...

D.A. Nifong had a political agenda that required the black vote for reelection. He used the race card in going after the Duke players.

Then he sat on exculpatory evidence that would have exhonerated them, yet he pushed onward.
Now he's under investigation and should probably be disbarred (but won't) and sued in civil court by Duke University and the players (in seriatim) for misuse of power, malfeasence and other big word legal terms.
The guys obviously a jerk.

Fresh Air said...

Duke may have some big-time legal liability over this.

I sure hope so.

Charlie Martin said...

I'm not sure that Duke has any standing for action against Nifong. The three kids are probably going to have plenty of cause for action against both, though. And against the accuser, although she's probably not worth a civil suit.

David, Frank came to Duke along with Stan Fish, Jane Tompkins, Skip Gates and Malcom Jamison. I'm a little astounded he;'s still there, though.