Thursday, August 04, 2011

Budget Vacations - Foamhenge

This is another in a series of posts offering budget vacation suggestions for these hard economic times. Today, since everybody but corporate jet owners and Australians complained about the cost of the airfare to see the Big Avocado down under, we return to the States for a suitably educational and uplifting attraction 

At Natural Bridge, Virginia, in the Blue ridge Mountains,  is found one of the newset wonders of the world -- Foamhenge. 

As you might have guessed by the name, Foamhenge is a life-sized replica of Stonehenge made out of giant blocks of foam. Mark Cline, of Enchanted Castle Studios, is the creator of Foamhenge. Cline was inspired by the sight of foam bloacks in a warehouse, and he claims Stonehenge as his greatest achievement.

Modern Druid wankers
Yes, it is but a replica made of foam, but there are advantages to it over the British version. For example: since it has no pretense to being an ancient holy site you're not likely to encounter the sort of weirdos who claim to be modern day Druids while visiting it. So, the odds should be good that you won't have to put up with odd-looking folks in robes dancing in the moonlight, chanting in made-up languages, sacrificing goats and what-not.

While that's a definite plus, perhaps even more importantly -- since you're in Virginia instead of Great Britain -- you won't have to face the horrors of English cuisine. Instead of the  bangers, mash and the like you would have to gag down on a visit to the real Stonehenge, when you go to Foamhenge you can pack a tasty picnic lunch to enjoy while marvelling at the giant foam blocks.

Directions to Foamhenge (from Roadside Attractions): I-81 exit 180. On a bluff set back from the southbound side of Hwy 11, just south of the Natural Bridge Petting Zoo, one mile north of Natural Bridge. You need to be driving southbound to see it.  

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