Saturday, August 20, 2011

Obama needs our help!

Aliens beaming down to attack New York in the game Obama Alien Defense.
Recently the possibility of invasions by space alien has been in the news. First it was Paul Krugman hoping for one since he figured, massive death and destruction aside, that it was the only way to rally people to the notion of pulling together and giving Obama trillions of dollars more to spend. 

Then, a few days later, the Guardian carried a report that scientists were warning that eco-aliens may be watching our carbon emissions with alarm and planning an attack us to save the Universe, or perhaps its just the Galaxy, from global warming. Rats, and just when we thought we were safe from aliens exterminating us because a were worried about our A-bomb testing this threat has to come along.

Be that as it may, if you want to prepare for an alien invasion I've found the free online game Obama Alien Defense

The premise of the game is that Obama has to save the U.S. by gunning down waves of aliens with his ray gun to repel the invasion. Obama as an action hero? Yea, it's far-fetched, I'm pretty sure Obama would hide under the desk in the Oval Office and whimper a lot if aliens really invaded, but don't blame me for it -- I didn't write the damn game.

As soon as you get over the natural urge of just standing there and letting The Won get slimed and start playing, it's not a bad time-waster. The controls are simple and the levels are done with a bit of humor.

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