Thursday, August 25, 2011

EFLI update

Go Swarm Go!
When I introduced the Elite Football League of India (EFLI), which is an American-style professional football league being formed in India, I mentioned that their website was up, but none of the links worked. 

They've since corrected that problem, so when you go to the EFLI Official Website now you can see a little bit more information about the new league. They've also added an EFLI Facebook page which you can use to follow them. 

There is still no news about their cheerleading squads, which is a tragic omission although understandable considering the controversy swirling around Indian cricket cheer girls, but they do have the beginnings of a schedule posted. Tentatively my beloved team, the Goa Swarm, plays the league's second match (match?) against the Hyderabad Skykings (or Skyqueens as us Swarm fans call them) on Saturday, Nov 17, 2012.

Their website also has videos. My favorite was The Spirit of Football. In it they show a sandlot football game between some kids. The quarterback does a weird two handed throw of the ball and when the receiver catches it the play stops as both teams start jumping up and cheering. Hmmm... it would appear that learning to call games games instead of matches isn't the only nuance of the sport they need to figure out.  


Andrew said...

As the first Skykings fan...ever, I have to say your Swarm suck. We're kings of the whole sky. No chance you and your precious bees will do anything but be crushed under our royal might.

ambisinistral said...


The first ever EFLI smack. Why, they might print this thread out and hang it in the ELFI Hall of Fame some day.

At any rate, back on topic. Bring it on... the Mighty Goa Swarm are going to administer such a pounding on the SkyQueens that their kids will be born dizzy.