Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Never say never

[W]e shall defend our Island,
whatever the cost may be,
we shall fight on the beaches,
we shall fight on the landing grounds,
we shall fight in the fields and in the streets,
we shall fight in the hills;
we shall never surrender...

- Winston Churchill

The situation seems dire in England. When I saw the above picture I couldn't help but think of Churchill's "We shall fight" speech, and couldn't help but have a sinking feeling. Now in England there are signs that different ethnic groups are pulling back into their shells and ready to defend themselves. Neo-Neocon speaks of her time years ago in London, of the hint of ethnic conflict in the air even then, and then she ends the post with a quote from Ace regarding the current problems:
"We were outside ready and expecting them," said the manager of Turkish Food Market, who asked not to be named.

"But I felt very panicky because we are not safe from either the rioters or police.

"We put all of our efforts into this shop. It took 20 years to get it like this. But we do not know about our rights.

"I'm scared that the police and the government will attack us if we defend our businesses.

"We are being squeezed between the two."

It seems like there is no exit for them, that the British police have become hopeless. Perhaps, perhaps not. Below is part of the post We don’t need the army – we need the order to ‘charge’ from the Police Inspector Blog. It is a blog I've encountered links to from time to time in Biased BBC's comment threads. The author, an English policeman, has long been frustrated by the straight jacket of political correctness the force operates under.
Where we are, they burned down Mothercare. I thought that was ironic.

The arson damage is quite unlike anything I have ever seen, even in Belfast in the bad old days. It is important that this is not under-reported, the scenes of damage are quite extraordinary.

I have spoken to many law-abiding members of the public. Feelings are running very high against local youths. People are displaying hatred and frustration, flavoured by a fair amount of racism. I don’t think there is an appetite for funding any further assistance to the part of the community which caused this.

The overwhelming feeling is that major force should be used now, before things get completely out of hand. People are worried they will die in their houses. The arson threat is everywhere. There is a lot of frustration about lack of police attendance until we tell them we are from Ruralshire, then they are just silent as the implications of this sink in.

We have heard about the armoured vehicles in Clapham, which cleared the street in minutes. We want to carry out a baton charge at a line of angry youths who are setting fire to a huge wheelie bin in the doorway of a post office, but we are told to ‘hold the line’.

At the briefing, many of my officers wanted cast-iron guarantees from Silver Command that no individual officers would be suspended and prosecuted if we use force and a rioter became seriously injured.

This was not forthcoming. There are at least 12 County forces here now, ‘Remember Tomlinson’ was being whispered everywhere at the FCP.

Many people are becoming very angry that we refuse to move our lines and baton charge the rioters. I have run around like a blue arsed fly trying to understand why we are being ordered to stay static; the only explanation I can find is that Gold Command are concerned about the sensitivity of the target group.

The scenes in front of us give a physical proof of everything we have ever said on this Blog about lack of consequences, weak criminal justice systems, nonsensical diversity policies which give ‘victim status’ to the mob and silly, target obsessed politically driven ACPO leadership. I never thought I’d see the results of all that actually burned on to the streets in front of me.

I'm sure many of the English were as infuriated by the picture above as I was appalled by it. The will is there in the trenches -- it is now just a matter of pushing the indecisive leadership to action. Never say never, hands are being forced.

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