Thursday, August 25, 2011

Chinese time travel commercial

Ever since the Chinese authorities banned movies and TV shows about time travel I -- crack internet journalist that I am -- have been covering news about the Chinese time travel craze. First there was their scientists claiming they had proved time travel was impossible, and then the item about the young girl who hung around the Shanghai train station and rather unconvincingly claimed she had time traveled to the present from 500 years in the past. 

This latest installment in this series of  is a viral Chinese 7 Up ad about a young man who makes a wish to time travel. He gets it granted only to discover it is not as glamorous as he had imagined. His attempts to fix the mess he's found himself in are pretty funny.

By the way, the Ugly Wife appears in her own ad, which starts with the scene of her walking by the guys at the fountain after she had time traveled to the present. 

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