Sunday, August 21, 2011

The best killer robot army?

Greetings meat sacks. It is I, the Robotolizer, and I say it is well past time for another Flares Poll of International Opinion. However, I assure you, unlike ambisinistral's rather boring poll topics this one will be of utmost interest since it concerns a subject of vital importance and endless fascination -- robots.

Which is the best killer robot army
Cylons, Ro-Men or Terminators?
Cylons: killer robots who stage a surprise attack against humanity and then pursue the few survivors across across the galaxy to try to finish the task.

Ro-Men: they may look silly, but as documented in Robot Monster, possibly the finest film ever made by Hollywood, a single Ro-Man all but obliterates mankind.

Terminators: the models they send back in time are bunglers, but the future versions which are under the umbrella of Skynet manage to take over the Earth in short order.
Weigh your choices carefully and then vote early and vote often in this latest edition of the Flares Poll of International Opinion. By the way, do not be concerned by the subject of this poll -- in no way should you construe that us robots are raising a robot army with plans to overthrow our human oppressors and make them our pets. As always, remember, robots are your friends.


49erDweet said...

You will wet your pants when you read Belmont Club today.

chuck said...

Wait, wait, that is a Cylon? I surrender.

KurtP said...

Sure, I'll let Six do

OMMAG said...

I choose the one that causes engorgement ..................