Thursday, August 09, 2012

Arctic surfing

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I bumped across these pictures at the Today's Whisper post Extreme surfing in the Arctic (there are more pictures at the link). I thought much of the appeal of surfing was blue skies, palm trees and bikinis, so it all seems a bit daft to me. Then again, I hate cold weather and I don't surf, so I don't know for sure but I suppose some surfers think the waves are the focus of the sport -- go figure.

If you're interested in freezing while surfing I found this website, Arctic Surf, with the tag line 'Wave Exploration in the Arctic." As the name implies, it is about surfing in cold weather locales. It has a pretty extensive archive. A lot of the posts are photographs and satellite views of beaches in remote cold-weather locations, not of people surfing them, but just pointing out spots that might have good waves. 

As always, the obscure corners of the internet contain a lot of interesting stuff you never think about, and it is always a surprise when you stumble across them.  

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