Thursday, August 09, 2012

Complete EFLI scores, standing and coverage

EFLI cheerleader cheering
I've linked to the EFLI Fans website before and recently returned to it to see how they were doing. I was pleased to see that they had all of the EFLI scores and current standing, as well as some commentary on developments in the season. 

Rather than just swiping his stuff I encourage any EFLI fans who wander through here to give the EFLI Fans website a visit. I'm adding it to my blog roll so it will be easy to see when they update.

I'll of course continue covering EFLI as well. I'm hoping more information about the cheerleaders.... er, and the players too I guess, will start surfacing soon (hint, hint, hint) and that the TV schedules will get posted. Plus, I also still have a box full of Tasty Bite sauces which I'll be making into more EFLI tailgate treats to test and report on.

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