Wednesday, August 22, 2012

I guess Bain Capital may as well file for bankruptcy

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With the Republican Convention nearly upon us I thought I would go to the Occupy Tampa website and see what was up. I confess to being disappointed. Although their calendar was up-to-date, their most recent article was dated August 9th, which is nearly 2 weeks old. Further, the minutes of their meetings were tedious and their rather inactive forum was only mildly amusing.

I was about to leave when I noticed, highlighted with red above, a link to Shut Down Bane Capital! Well, well, well... perhaps this would be a more fertile field for mockery? 

I was not disappointed. although sparse -- it only had two posts -- what a set of posts they were. The first consisted of an announcement of a conference call where they were going to decide how to bring Bain Capital to its knees. In case you can't read the agenda in the above screen grab, it reads:

  1. Finish drafting the national call to action
  2. Figure out how to shut down Bain Capital

Ka-boing! That's one of the most hilariously absurd things I've read in a long time. Although not as complete, it reminded me of the South Park Underwear Gnomes business plan:

  1. Collect Underpants
  2. ?
  3. Profit

You tell me which is sillier. I can only assume that the folks who are running this effort fired up their bongs for inspiration and got the munchies before they made it very far in their planning. 

It got even more ridiculous when I read the 2nd post. After a list of companies Bain had invested in, they had the draft of their National Call to Action. It consisted of one bullet point -- Shutdown Bain Capital P. I wonder if Bane Lowercase P is safe from national action?

So you have a slogan, a brief burst of energy put into a website, a plan with zero thought expended on it and a bust of conference call. I wonder if anybody even called in? What a fizzle.