Thursday, August 16, 2012


The above video is of an RC controlled man-o-war from the age of sail firing a broadside. The RC ship is called the HMS Surprise, which is a bit odd since it is flying an American flag. I can only assume the RC crew are a pack of scoundrels flying a false flag for nefarious purposes. Shame on you Jack Tar. Shame, shame, shame!

For comparison, below is a video of the HMS Victory firing a rippling broadside (which is how most broadsides were fired back in the day). Unfortunately they felt they had to create more smoke than the cannons firing put out, which is a shame because it needlessly distracts from what is an impressive display. 

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KurtP said...

I went to the next selection of the U-toobs and found this vid of the background for that broadside,

naturally being the place Great Britain used to be- they didn't use Jack tar to load and fire those cannons. They hired some explosives company (with the special Degrees and certifications) to do something the average illiterate sailor would be able to do repetitively back in the 18th century.

ambisinistral said...

Yea, but think of the legal complications these days of impressing drunken yobs from waterside bars so you could get a crew to man the gun decks. Damn lawyers ruin everything. >:(