Monday, August 13, 2012

EFLI Power Rankings

Sports fans crave goofy statistical analysis, and us EFLI fans are no exception. However, with EFLI stats are a bit thin on the ground. For example, we don't even know the names the QBs much less their QB ratings, so quibbling over who the best QB in the league is out of the question. Grr...

None the less, with the league play nearly complete and after looking through EFLI Fans' Scores & Schedules page I decided I could work up a crude Power Rankings for the teams. 

In the table below PF (points for) is the total number of points a team has scored in the season, PA (points against) is the number of points they've allowed. Diff (difference) is PF-PA, with a negative number meaning they've allowed more points then they've scored. Ave Diff (average difference) is Diff/games played.

I based my Power Ranking purely on Ave Diff (although I do think you could make strong case that the Columbo Lions should occupy the number 2 or 3 spot on the list and that Bangalore should top Pune).

Team Record PF PA Diff Ave Diff
1Pune Marathas 4-1 82 33 49 9.8
2Bangalore Warhawks 4-1 72 30 42 8.4
3Delhi Defenders 3-2 84 47 37 7.4
4Colombo Lions 4-1 62 29 33 6.6
5Mumbai Gladiators 2-3 37 47 -10 -2
6Kandy Skykings 2-4 37 53 -16 -2.7
7Pakistan Wolfpak 1-3 32 64 -32 -8
8Kolkata Vipers 0-5 15 70 -55 -11

For the Championship game I'm predicting Pune vs Colombo, with Colombo prevailing and thereby proving the old adage that offense wins games, defense wins championships.

By the way, my sympathy to Vipers fans. Ouch, that's a rough season to sit through. Perhaps we'll see the paper bag tradition first appear in Kolkata.

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