Wednesday, July 18, 2012

EFLI's first games -- Updated

A drought of EFLI news
I wish I could report on the Elite Football League of India's (EFLI) inaugural games this last weekend, but I can't. I don't even know if the games were played, much less who won and what the scores were. 

I searched high and low for them, visiting a number of local Indian, Sri Lankan and Pakistani online newspapers as well as the various EFLI sites. While I found some interesting things -- for example did you know that ex-Tamil Tiger snipers are representing Sri Lanka at the national level on their shooting team? -- alas, I couldn't find a single mention of the leagues opening games. 

I sent an email to them, but have yet to hear back. If and when I get any news I'll post it. 

UPDATE: I just received word that the July 15th games were scrimmage games, with the start of the season moved to July 25th. Also, they have a twitter account:, where they're posting news and updates.

Well, I did wonder why they weren't playing preseason games, apparently they're playing some now.

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