Saturday, July 28, 2012

Progress report on my new pastime as a yachtsman

Well, I'm not doing quite as bad as the fellows pictured above, but it's not from lack of trying on my part. I've had a busted starter rope on my outboard which, since we were between a sandbar and a shallows at the time, caused me and my crew to teach ourselves tacking under interesting conditions. On that occasion we sailed into the Gulf and managed to jury rig the starter rope so we didn't have to row into the marina.

I've also ran aground on a different sandbar and busted my tiller in the process. I had to get out and push the thing off the sand. Today the water pump on my outboard failed which caused it to conk out just at the entrance to the channel. The wind was dead and sunset was approaching, so I had to suffer the humiliation of getting a tow. 

It's all good though. I bought the boat to get completely out of my comfort zone and challenge myself as geezerhood approached, and it certainly has done that. Now I wonder how much a new water pump is going to cost me?

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