Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Lex Barker as Tarzan

Sometimes a banana is just a banana?
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These are a series of old Dell Tarzan comics featuring Lex Barker posing as the legendary ape man. They're from a remarkable archive of old Tarzan comics -- it has literally thousands of both comic books and strips scanned in to view -- called the ERBzine.

Lex Barker was the 10th actor to portray Tarzan. after his American movie career dried up he moved to Europe where he had further success. Surprisingly he was married to Lana Turner at one time, although their marriage broke-up and there were rumors that one of the reasons for the divorce was him molesting her 13 year old daughter. Sick stuff if true.

There are more sample covers after the jump, and many, many more at the ERBzine site.

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Tom P. said...

Holy shit! These covers are hilarious!